Apr 18, 2016 | I am the father

Fam.  Fambones.  Famski.

Sooo this week has been long! And pretty crazy, but good. We’ll start having transfers on Tuesday now, so that started this week! Anddd

I’m training.

ashajkldcnhgkasbvchsdc what. It’s been super hard but super rewarding, as I’ve put a sort of reality check on everything I do as far as obedience and teaching and literally everything. But since I have done that the Lord has blessed me immensely this last week. Elder Gonçalves and I were walking to an appointment and saw a homeless woman sitting by the bank with her newborn baby. We went and talked to her and she needed money to buy diapers, and said they were around R $15. Before leaving, and without saying anything to the other, we both had grabbed R $20 on the way out. I didn’t know why, but these things happen. We must be prepared for any situation the Lord can put us in. We say and do things at the moment don’t make sense but if we trust in Him who is mighty to save He will show us the blessings of our obedience and faithfulness; whether it be immediate or later on down the road. But since I have no time today I’ll be quick and put in some pictures and spiritual things.

-The Lord gives you things that drive you to your knees. Go there and you’ll be fine.

-The adversary might be able to enter into your mind, but you do not have to give him somewhere to sit.

– The Lord loves you, and so do I.

– Look for and pray to see the hand of God in your life and I promise you will find it in more abundance.




Goncalves, Adams, Eduardo
Elder Goncalves, Elder Adams, Eduardo
Goncalves, Adams, Eduardo2
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