Apr 25, 2016 | Is being a missionary really great?

I wrote a haiku that answers this very question:

yes yes yes yes yes,

yes yes; yes yes yes yes yes,

yes yes. yes yes YESSS.

Okay here’s my week!!!

So Elder Gonçalves is seriously super stoked to do everything and I’m having a lot of fun with that. Since the first day we’ve been best friends, it seems like I’ve known him since I was little. And today in an interview with President, he told me that we probably knew each other before this life; and the way he said it and the fact that everything he says ends up happening I don’t doubt it one bit. He also said I would train again… ANYWAYS!

This week was full of little miracles, people coming back to church after years of not going, people we never thought would go to church went, and all sorts of great stuff. It started off when we left a recent convert’s house Monday night to go home and we passed an older guy who told us how the night was beautiful and how we seemed like nice kids. And so we just kept walking but we both stopped on the corner and looked back and he was just walking in circles outside of his house so we decided to go back and we had a great conversation with him! We don’t know if anything amazing will come of it, but it was awesome to talk to him and know that good things come if we act on the Spirit in the very moment He speaks to us.

Our girl Diana was on FIRE this week!!! We went on Tuesday and shared the message of the Restoration with her and invited her to get baptized. Wednesday we went back and she hadn’t read it, but her friend (a member from Ceilândia, they’re working together here in Tag) promised us that they would read and pray about it together that night. So they did. And we came back on Thursday and Diana had had 3 separate dreams in which she had slept, was told the church was true, and woke up. Three times. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN DOES IT?! But it did. We’re super excied for her, we’ve been following up more frequently to help her continue to strengthen her testimony she received.

I must now recount my weekly bible bash. Because those happen sometimes, but usually they’re not worth reporting. Sooo we stopped at Eduardo’s house this week just to say hey and follow up with him, see how he was doing. We wound up talking for a while with his neighbor Vânia and her two friends, one of which was a 7th Day Adventist. It was super chill until she asked us “What do yall think about the commandments and keeping the sabbath day holy?” of course to bring up Saturday. My boy Gonçalves got really excited and explained very well about why we believe that we must keep the sabbath day holy and why it is the first day of the week, etc. But our friend Neuza was just not having it. She actually got really upset and stood up and started smashing her fist in her hand and yelling that we were wrong and that God doesn’t change. And I was just chillin there, super calm. Ad then something came to mind, “Elder, bear your testimony.” So I testified that Christ lives. I testified of the Restoration. And I testified that God really doesn’t and never will change, and for that reason we have a living prophet on the earth today to guide us. And then Neuza got really upset and sassy and grabbed my hand and smiled a real sassy smile and asked me who that prophet was. Next thing I knew I was standing, looking into her eyes and I said “Thomas S. Monson”. And in that very moment I felt the Spirit testify to her and the fire left her eyes and she got her things and left.

The church is true. I know of it to be so. No man would die for something if it were false, no man would leave his loved ones if it were a lie. My testimony has increased immensely these last few weeks, and I love where I am at.





Elder Goncalves, ? Elder Adams
Elder Goncalves, ? Elder Adams

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