May 9, 2016 | Hug ur mom

First off, I wanted to make a shoutout right quick:


We now return to Elder Adams’ weekly email. Dude I’m good at formatting this stuff, I might make it a profession when I get home. It’s an option. So this week has been pretty stressful but good and everyone got sick but me so I was like a district mom. Fun stuff. So the work was slow but we have some awesome things going on!

So two weeks ago I was on splits with Elder Umbelino and we ran into some dudes from Africa and they only speak English. Which was awesome because they’re super interested to hear about the gospel, but it sucks because my English is terrible. So our lessons would be really funny to listen to. But Umbelino is doing great with his english, we have been able to see the gift of tongues bless him as he testifies. It’s seriously incredible. So we’ve been having a ton of fun with them.

The work is slow, but the people we find are great! We met a family a couple of weeks ago with 7 kids and only one boy and that reminded me of my Aunt Charlotte and her family *shoutout to my Todd famski* and they’re awesome!!! We found them knocking doors on the side of town that’s a little more humble than the rest of Taguatinga and they were super willing to let us in and hear what we had to say. They’re just a beautiful family haha and super accepting. We taught them about the plan of salvation last Monday and about half of them started crying they loved it! We’re praying really hard for this family to do what’s necessary to make covenants with our Father in Heaven.

We had mission conference on Tuesday and it went SUPER well! We got a lot of sweet stuff to work with from the Assistents and President Lundgren. I learned a ton, so I’ll throw in a couple bullet points (because I’m a master at this now) of what stood out to me the most:

  • Attitude is everything. Pick a good one.
  • We must give our time and our efforts to the things in our lives that will do us the most good; growing spiritually and dying spiritually take the same amount of effort, we are the ones who choose which is our reward.
  • (this is something that was said in my stake back home that I remembered during the conference) is it any wonder that every recognition/award that a youth in the church receives has a picture of the temple on it? Because our goal is an active temple recommend. (I don’t know how to spell that anymore)

I love you guys!!! I’ll have more spiritual things for next week, but until then here’s a pic of me and Elder Dayton before we both ate a box of pizza.


Elder Dayton, Elder Adams and Pizza Nuts pizza
Conferência día 2 da Missão
Brasilia Mission Conference May 3, 2016 This is only part of the missionaries.

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