May 16, 2016 | Hey D remember when we flooded my bathroom when I turned 10

Only 3 of you will understand that subject.

This week was really good and really hard and really hot, but mostly good. I’ll just get right into it. So Monday night we were teaching a group of kids on the corner about the Restoration, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl turn the corner and start walking towards us with a little pink Bible under her arm. She walked right up to us and we thought we were gonna have another Bible bash story for today but she just asked where our church was. Turns out that our friend Camila was just looking for a church to go to, she moved here from Bahia a little while ago and hadn’t found a church yet. So we got her number and address and passed by later on, and she’s just a really humble girl and wants to follow Christ. She invited her neighbor to go to church and institute with her already, we’re excited to see where we go with Camila.

On Tuesday the mission secretaries called and told me that I would be going to the Federal Police station that day to basically become a Brasilian citizen so I can stay in the country. Something like that, I still have no idea what happened that day haha it was just signing stuff and showing people my passport and telling them that the picture really is me, I’ve just lost a ton of weight. Like 30 pounds.

Training is fun and my companion is like the little brother I’ve never had which is exciting. All those years of asking my parents for a brother have finally paid off. Just kidding, but it really has been great! I learn a lot from him, and have even learned things about myself that I didn’t really know. Shweet shtuff man.

We had a zone training this week and it was just a great meeting, I haven’t felt the Spirit that strong in a zone training in a LONG time… So it was great. Elder Dias of the Quorum of the 70 met with all the zone leaders about two weeks ago to pass to rest of the mission, and we learned a ton. But the funny thing is, is that they talked about the same 5 points that we talk about in every zone meeting; just with a different perspective. We must find, teach, baptize, retain, and reactivate. Something that came to my mind several times during the meeting was this: If you want something big, do something even bigger. That stuck with me, and I’m already seeing the fruits of that in our work. We pray everyday to see miracles, and the Lord has truly answered those prayers in small and simple ways. My testimony of that was strengthened this week.

Olympic torch1
Olympic torch duplicate
Olympic torch2
Olympic torch duplicate 2
Olympic torch3
Olympic torch in Taguatinga
nacho libre
Scene from movie Nacho Libre that was on TV at Relief Society president’s house when Aaron and his comp came for lunch
so cristo salva& Elder Goncalves
Elder Goncalves
Elder Vieira, Elder Adams
man on bus
man on bus that reminded Aaron of his friend Elder Dodini
mothers day 2016
Aaron’s end of the Mother’s Day Skype call

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