June 6, 2016 | If you’re not American don’t even think about touching my flag

So it’s been a minute since I’ve told yall a drunk guy story, and I have had a couple of experiences so here’s two for yall right quick:

The first one happened on a trade in Taguatinga Norte with Elder Dayton, from Maceió. We went and visited Luciana (a lady they’ve been teaching) at work to follow up with her and mark another day to visit her and her family. So Luciana works at Subway and Subway is totally different here and they don’t even have jalapeños. But my new drunk friend walks in and this was how our (translated) conversation went:

Friend: “meurnuehmeunrunuaheunrmuben?”

Me: “Wait what?”

F: “meurnuehmeunrunuaheunrmuben!”

M: “Dude you gotta speak up I don’t understand”

F: “hmmm… *he thought deeply* meurnuehmeunrunuaheunrmuben.”

M: “Alright buddy I don’t understand I’m sorry.”

F: “Do they have beer here at the gas station?”

M: *long pause to regain patience* “I’m not sure, but you can go ask!”

F: *buys his beer*

girl at the register: “That’ll be R$6.25.”

F: “Here you go. *turns to me* muermuenrueunrumbuenruenbmen?”

M: “Meuenbumeurnumbuenruenren!!!”

F: *laughs and pats my head* “You’re a funny American.”

The second guy just wouldn’t let me take a picture of the American flag he had hanging up on the fence because apparently he’s from the FBI or something and if I took a picture he would go to jail. He also spoke weird English with me.

These last two weeks have been super difficult, and I apologize for not sending an email last week. There wasn’t a whole lot to report, although I was able to ask President to let me stay out one more transfer and he said that would be very possible and he’s going to do everything he can to let me stay. That was reassuring. I have learned an incredible amount these last almost three months about my Savior and His grace. I have learned that as Brad Wilcox put it, “..the grace of Jesus Christ is sufficient—sufficient to cover us, sufficient to transform us, and sufficient to help us as long as that transformation process takes.” (see also Ether 12:27, D&C 17:8, 2 Corinthians 12:9).

I know that your Savior lives and that He loves you, and Has a plan for each of you. I know that His saving grace is sufficient to transform us as long as that process takes. The central purpose of our Father in Heaven’s plan of happiness is change, and results in our becoming more and more like Jesus Christ until the perfect day. I am ever grateful for Him and His example, and pray every day that I (as well as all of you) may be filled with His perfect love. His Atonement is infinite and eternal.

I also know that I miss all of you and love all of you even more, and I’ll see yall in December! Peace be the journey


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