June 27, 2016 | Transfers or naw


-We chopped wood and we’re helping build a house!

-We found a less active family this week that got baptized in Belgium a couple of years ago!!! It was a super special lesson with them, we’re excited to see what happens with them. We saw such potential in Flávio (the dad)! He’ll be a great elder’s quorum president one day.

-Eduardo and Mirian BOTH backed out this week on baptism… It was really hard on everyone. But we’re still working, and have faith that their time will come.

-You know you’ve been in an area for a long time (6 months in Taguatinga) when you know whose kid is crying in sacrament meeting without even looking.

-Sooo I’ll send to yall what Elder Pinho said in sacrament meeting last week. He talked a lot about how we’re the children of the covenant, we’re the people of the covenant, we’re a covenant making people. Which reminded me of something I learned in priesthood meeting last week from President Hunter. When we talk to less active members about their baptism, we should try and talk to them about the covenant they made with Heavenly Father. Elder Pinho then told a story about one of his friends that works at an airport as one of the guys on the ground that loads the baggage onto the plane to make sure the plane flies right and stabilized. Elder Pinho asked his friend what were the precautions he had to take to do his job correctly, and he simply replied, “I follow the protocol.” We too as members of the restored church must “follow the protocol” to make sure that our plane trip does not become unstable, dangerous, or even life-threatening. Our protocol is to keep the commandments and to reconstruct the family of God. To strengthen the church. To keep our covenants we made in baptism and in the temple. On that note, he asked two questions given by Elder Kim B Clark in a training meeting:

  • What do I need to stop doing?    and
  • What do I need to start doing?

I have pondered quite a bit on that these past few weeks and have made some changes in my personal life and have already seen things changing for the better. I also had the chance to talk with President Jackson, a stake president from Bountiful, Utah and ex president of the São Paulo Interlagos mission from 2008-2011. He talked about how fast the mission flies and before I knew it I would be in the air looking down at Brasília with memories and experiences and a conversion to the gospel that would last a lifetime. I believe that! He also tooks me by the hand, looked me in the eyes and said: “I speak with the voice of experience of a returned missionary of 40 years: God loves His missionaries. And He blesses them. Forever.” It was pretty powerful.

These last two transfers have been the hardest transfers I have ever had on my mission. I learned a ton, but through a lot of suffering and sacrifice. I learned how to be more straightforward when it’s necessary, how to love, how to be patient, and I have humbled myself in a lot of ways. I learned about something called “active patience” (President Uchtdorf’s talk about patience in 2014). It is a patience that waits, but works as well in order to achieve the results for which we are waiting. I did a lot of that these last 3 months training. I’m grateful for my time here, and excited for a change! Next week I’ll update yall on where I’m at 🙂

I love you all!

peace be the journey

Adams&Goncalves towel
Lava lava look
Adams&Goncalves weird drink
drinking that curious South American stuff
housemates +
lost sole
a lost sole
Adams & Goncalves, Graci2
Elder Goncalves, Graci (going to Rio on a mission), Elder Adams
pink headband
curious pink headband
Adams & Goncalves food
eating out?

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