July 4, 2016 | Transfer news and beaches, but no water

Another week down but this time it wasn’t in Taguatinga.

I got transferred to Posse! It’s a super tiny town in the middle of Goias; and if our mission office was in Gilbert, AZ, then Posse would be right around San Diego. Haha we are in the middle of nowhere up here, far away from everything. It’s been a lot of fun though! We’re reopening the area so we have done more contacts than I have done in a very long time. But it’s great, I have learned a TON this last week or so.

So Tuesday was a fat busride; we left Brasília at 11am and got here at about 8pm. We switched buses (busses?) twice in little trucker towns. And the rest of the week was contacts on the street! We were super lucky though, and the Lord has blessed us immensely in these last few days. We found two less active families where not all the members of the family have been baptized, and dozens of people that have already been to church or met with the missionaries and are now ready to receive our message. I have also had some really great experiences this week with prayer. We were running late getting to church because we were picking investigators up at their houses and walking (because they don’t have buses here) and I prayed that a member would show up to take us to church on time. Sure enough, maybe 2 minutes after a sister showed up with two spots for the investigators we picked up. Another 2 minutes passed and ANOTHER member showed up with two spots for us. The Lord has given us the opportunity to see His mighty hand work in His work and His glory.

I’ll have more for next week when we really get going! But here’s my challenge for everyone: Last week Elder Dayton and I decided we would read the Book of Mormon (starting with Ether and then reading from the beginning) this transfer. So for you guys, until the first weekend in August, try to read the whole Book of Mormon. Read it everyday. Underline it, mark it, reread it, LIVE it. That Book has changed my life and I promise that as you read it in these following weeks you will come to learn and love more the Book of Mormon.

I love you all!

Peace be the journey

bus #3 to Posse
all photos of the bus rides to Posse

busride to Possebusride to Posse2busride to Posse3busride to Posse4Posse beach


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