July 25, 2016 | #Breakfast club

Hey fam!

This week (once again) is going to be a super short email, as I do not have time to do anything with my personal life anymore. Haha it’s been ridiculous up here in Posse, not a whole lot of success. I won’t go into details because I really can’t, but our branch is super difficult and we see a lot of hypocrisy and corruption among even our own brethren and sisters. The Church of Christ is absolutely perfect and without flaw; but unfortunately within her chapels there are those who have not totally delivered themselves to this marvelous self-sanctifying work.

We are super stoked for this week and I actually mean it this time, because we have been praying and fasting to know what we should do. And now we have a plan and we’re stoked out of our rockers to get this thing rolling.

We are the Posse Rangers.

We are the Brasilian Breakfast Club.

We’re really funny.


My cute lil mom Sally Adams had her birthday on Saturday, and I wrote the letter for this week but I forgot it at home so now she can’t see the picture I drew for her. Just like kindergarten. So tell her happy birthday and give her a hug. Let me know if you want her phone number just in case you want to call and sing to her or something.

I love you all!

peace be the journey

The District 3 Posse
The District 3: Posse
Doug the dog from UP
Doug, the dog from UP
Doug the dog from UP2
one more of Doug
brushing teeth is funny
brushing your teeth is pretty funny

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