Aug 1, 2016 | Let me make you dinner like a Brasileiro

Hope everyone had a great week this week. Down/up here in Posse it was normal; sand, lazy Baianos and more sand. But life is really great and I can’t complain about anything. The Lord has been incredibly merciful with us these last few weeks. Every time it seems like we have no one left to teach He provides us with someone really special to help plant the gospel seed. My testimony of prayer and the priesthood has increased immensely in these last 5 weeks, as we have been exercising both bastante in this area.

I also got news today that Ana Paula is now the Relief Society secretary in Valparaíso!!! I’m so proud of her and I love that family so much.

I just need a favor from everyone that really reads my emails: if yall could send me your favorite chapter of the Book of Mormon and/or favorite talk from Conference, that would be awesome!

I love all yall!

peace be the journey

Posse Rangers8:1:16


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