Aug 8, 2016 | Uncle Jimmy’s takin us to the dirtbike track and YOU CAN’T RIDE

Hey fam!

Another week in Posse and another transfer! Since we’re so far away from everyone we get transfer calls a day early, and Season 1 of the Posse Rangers has ended. Next week we’ll have updates on the new season that starts Tuesday night, 8pm. It was a heck of a ride with those kids and we really became a family, it was hard to see half of the district go.

This week was alright though! We found two sisters that were kind of our saving grace as far as GOOD investigators go. Keylla and Kettlin! They’re awesome, and accept everything so naturally. They read the Book of Mormon almost daily, but where there’s almost there’s room for improvement. But they are willing to improve and willing to become who their Heavenly Father has in store for them. And I know for a fact that they will be incredible sister missionaries, because that’s what we see in them.

So Jessica came back from her vacation! Jessica has been to church like 1000 times and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She understands

it, she reads it, she BREATHES it. She’s a special kid. But the deal is that her mom still thinks that it’s okay to deprive others of their own agency and won’t let her follow what the Spirit tells her is right. We pray for her all the time that she will be able to find the courage to talk to her mom. If you guys want to pray for her too, I’m sure that would help a ton.

They say that if you tell yourself something positive enough times you start to believe it… “I love Posse” still isn’t working. But we live we learn and we move on!

The sisters’ water pipes burst and flooded their apartment so we went in and fixed it up ourselves because WHO NEEDS A PAID SERVICE WHEN YALL GOT TWO HANDS AND A ROLL OF DUCT TAPE?! Naw I’m kidding we fixed it up right. I skinned my hand in the process but now I have cool battle scars and their water works!

I have learned millions of things here so far, but the number one thing I think is commitment and sacrifice. To be committed to something we must sacrifice other things- as President Monson said in the last conference- “the easier wrong for the harder right”. We know what is required of us and we know who will win the battle, so sometimes it’s hard to grasp that not everyone understands that. That (like Moses and the brass serpent) we’re shown what is necessary and it’s right in front of our faces, but a lot of times we look right past it. If you want someone to commit, you first must commit and understand the why it is so important. We must evaluate and correct our personal lives before trying to help others do the same. And after doing so, we do not look back. And the Lord will bless us immensely!




Our favorite girl (Reis Kelly) got baptized on Saturday 🙂


FHE salfeez



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