Aug 29, 2016 | We want you for the new recruit

The week was real noice fam, real noice.

We have continued to take fat strides as a companionship, and my companion floored it this week and has been progressing immensely! He’s a great kid and I have been fighting for the last 5 transfers to help him- yes, 5 transfers. 3 in the same house and 2 as comps haha it’s been a trip with the brotha. But as I said, his progress has been incredible as of late and I’m really proud of him.

Carol and Luisa have been hard to get a hold of, and they can only go to church if their parents go and everything and it’s confusion and stress. They’re great, and Carol has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It’s tricky business but we do what we can and we fast and pray a lot! As for Iaciara, Elder Martin and I are doing splits to go out there with some members of the quorum to hit it hard and try and open up a group there! We’re going on Thursday, so I’ll send an update on it next week for sure this time!

We found this older lady named Elizabeth (normal English name I know, it was nice to see that) and she is just a sweet lil child of God and wants to do the right thing! She took a taxi to church yesterday and was the first one there and the last one to leave she LOVED it. She promised that til the day she dies she’d be there every Sunday so we’re super excited with our newest addition to our cute grandma club. She’s been reading the Book of Mormon more frequently now.

I know my emails aren’t always super detailed or anything, but know that I’m doing okay! Things are better, I’m happy. I’ve been listening to a lot of talks lately (lately meaning since I got to Brasil) and they give me a lot of comfort. To top it off, I testify of how vital our daily scripture study is and can be in our daily lives. And as we read and ponder and pray and find the truth, the obedient application of that truth is the surest way to make it eternally yours!

I love you all and pray for yall always!

Peace be the journey

Doug (the dog from UP)
Elder Dayton
Dwan’s baptism day

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