Sept 19, 2016 | I have to catch a bus in 2.5 hours and I haven’t packed yet.

Hey fam!

Transfers are this week and I’m leaving Posse, so here in a little bit I’ll be leaving the middle of nowhere to civilization. So this will be rushed again with pictures, and next week HOPEFULLY I have some time to write a letter or send a real email since I’ve been owing you guys one of those for a long time now. Almost two years haha but know that I love all of you!

This week we were able to end the transfer with 4 baptisms! The rest of the families are all soon to come, Dayton will send me pictures as their time comes. We’re waiting for Eliene and Rodrigo AND Leonel and Vanete to get married… haha they’re two incredible couples, especially Eliene… She is a special lady. I’ll update more on their story when I have more time!

I’m happy and I love this work!

Peace be the journey

an american flag and one american elder
Adams and Dayton w/Hauedy, Hullian, Gustavo
Hauedy, Hullian & Gustavo with mom Eliene
Hauedy, Hullian & Gustavo w/Eliene and Rodrigo
Leonel and Elder Adams
Leonel baptism day
more Leonel

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