Sept 27, 2016

So Monday was tricky and we weren’t able to get in to use a computer! Yesterday I went to have lunch with President and a bunch of other missionaries that won (last transfer) a competition. It was really GH (glória dos homens/glory of men), but it was fun! The companionship that baptized the most in every zone and had the best numbers went to the lunch, but Elder Dayton wasn’t able to make it because they live really far… It was a ton of fun and I learned quite a bit from Sister- she talked to me for a long time about marriage and family… There should be pics on the mission facebook page!

I am now in Samambaia, and once again, in the Taguatinga stake. 3rd time hahaha the Lord has a work for me to do here.

My theme for this transfer is this: “Obey like Nephi, serve like Ammon, love like Christ.” I’m still learning and I’m grateful to the Lord for that. I’m dying as just a missionary, and that is the best way to go out: with your head down and hitting it hard.

Transfer day 9/20/16
Transfer day 9/20/16
Transfer day 9/20/16
Transfer day 9/20/16
special lunch with President Lundgren
special lunch with Pres Lundgren
President Lundgren
special lunch
special lunch
special lunch brownies
special lunch cookies

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