Oct 24, 2016 | Will I waaiittt for youuu

This week was crazy! The elders from Paracatu came in Monday night to sleep closer to Asa Sul since they had interviews with President on Tuesday morning. So the week already started kind of skiwompus.

The week was honestly pretty normal; things are getting better and we’re working harder. We’re still lifting and I’m still skinny. Isabel and Germano are slacking off lately, they’ve become a lot more defensive about their religion and beliefs and everything when we visit them, but they’re still the same incredible people. We love them anyway. Marcos is still rocking steady, we had to delay his baptism a week because of stake conference yesterday so we can do something really special for him, Raquel and Rosita. YES they’re back!!! We were able to talk to their family this week as well. We’re getting after their parents to get married, they’ve been pretty lazy about it as of yet but they know it’s the right thing to do.

So here’s the big story for the week. When I was in Valparaíso almost a year ago, my companion and I baptized a girl named Jhenyfer. She was awesome, but we still had our doubts every now and then about whether or not she would stay super active. Then this week we got a phone call from the assistents (I forgot how to spell that in English). And they said that in Valparaíso there were two people (Jhenyfer’s two youngest sisters Joyce and Laura) that wanted to get baptized, but they wouldn’t get baptized if Elder Adams and Elder Cardona didn’t come to baptize them.

First tender mercy, the Lord calls us where we are needed and with the person with whom we will do the most good.

So Saturday night my comp and I got permission to go back to our favorite area in the mission, and we were able to go to sacrament and see almost every single one of our recent converts active and with callings. It was incredible to see all of them there so happy.

Second tender mercy, the Lord takes care of His children.

Their stepdad Mauro wasn’t super into the idea about Laura getting baptized (she’s 9) and didn’t want to let her do it until she turns 12. So we had already left Samambaia fasting for the Lord to touch Mauro’s heart to let his daughter get baptized. Joyce was all set and she got baptized, but Mauro still didn’t let Laura. But we felt the Spirit touch him as testimonies were born and as we shared a message about baptism and the Holy Ghost, it was a special experience.

Third tender mercy, fasting has a power beyond our comprehension.

And then there was Jhenyfer! She bore her testimony of the church and of missionary work and she came to receive her testimony and I cried like a baby. It was an awesome experience going back and seeing everyone and their continued desire to follow Christ. That is one of the greatest joys as a missionary!

I think that’s it for now, I love yall!

Peace be the journey

back in Valparaiso
back in Valparaiso
Aaron, Joyce, Elder Cardona


Valparaiso folks
Valparaiso friends
sunset or sunrise?
“funeral” for Elder Nordfelt who completed his mission
cute little Brasilian dog
Elder Cardona, ? Aaron



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