Nov 28, 2016 | I miss yall

This transfer has been “back like cwazy, man!” (that’s a Sharp family joke) and I’ve had fun and learned a lot. More than I thought I would with the situation I’m in and all else. But it’s been really good. We haven’t had the results we want yet, but I have faith that they’ll come when the Lord decides we deserve it!

 Last week I was in a rush to write and I forgot to tell yall something really special that happened Saturday night. We were out visiting less active members with Irmão Roberto when I got a call from the assistents. Turns out it was Elder Martin (who’s still in Posse)! He told me that Irmã Eliene has been super faithful in her conversion and testimony. She does FHE every week and reads the Book of Mormon every night with her kids and a lot more. She’s super special! Then he said that her marital problems weren’t sorting out and in a leap of faith she decided she would break up with her husband/boyfriend (who works 7 hours by bus away, and only comes to visit once a month to drink with his friends and it has been an ugly battle for her and her sons) and be baptized. She said what was most important to her was the salvation of her family and if she had to do it alone she would. She has an incredibly strong testimony of the church and I know she is going to do amazing things.

Marcos is just an animal my friends. He received the Aaronic priesthood last Sunday and yesterday he passed the sacrament. I’m super happy for him and his progress. He was the most spiritually prepared pastor I have ever seen on my mission! He is an incredibly humble person and wants to learn as much as we can.

Edna and her family came to a weirdly screeching halt this week, due to certain things that my comp has a tendency of doing and we are fighting to keep them moving forward and progressing. We have been trying really hard to focus on the spiritual side of things rather than the social side, and things are starting to pick up a little bit! I’m praying a lot haha but they’ll be okay!

When I think about Duda (Maria Eduarda) now, I think of Rod when he sees his mom with Frank and how she lets him rule their lives. “HAVE FUN BEING MARRIED (or in Duda’s case, just living) TO SATAN!!!” comes to mind pretty often when I see her mom. Haha she has literally been playing the adversary’s role in her home, and she does it EXTREMELY well… it’s pretty sinister. Anyway it’s a long deep and sad story that I won’t get in to that the Spirit told us a couple days ago there and it’s tricky business. But Duda will get baptized, that’s a for sure deal!

Baptism of Eliene in Posse



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