Dec 5, 2016 | Orgulho de servir aqui, orgulho de ser Brasília.

It really is a weird feeling to see something good end when you never thought it would.

The whole week members have been asking me how I feel about going home, finishing my mission, every question you could possibly ask to a returning missionary has been made. And I don’t really know how to answer any one of them! But I feel at peace with the Lord and with myself.

I can not express enough my gratitude and humility to the Lord for the privilege I have had to serve as a representative of Christ and His church for the last two years. My family and my life and my heart is here with those I have served and taught and testified. I can now say with a firm conviction that Christ is at the head of this church, and He is our master and truly our best friend. I know without a doubt that Joseph was and is a prophet of God, and that by divine power he brought forth the Book of Mormon. That book is incredibly special to me, and has the power to change the hearts of all who read it as it changed mine!

I know that I have done everything I could, and one day I will be able to lay down at the Master’s feet and rest in His presence. I love yall, see yall soon.

Peace be the journey!

E por meus queridos amigos brasileiros que estão aí também:

Só uma coisa bem rápida: Muitas vezes, pensamos ser seres humanos passando por experiências celestiais quando na realidade somos seres celestiais passando por experiências humanas. Nunca se esqueçam do trabalho divino do qual fazem parte! São incrivelmente especiais para mim, saibam disso! A missão é a melhor coisa que tem, aproveitem. O Senhor está consciente do seu esforço e lhes abençoará de acordo com a sua fé. Vocês são da galaxia mesmo!

With a throwback to my first day in Brasilia. Elder Adams with President Lundgren April 21, 2015
President and Sister Lundgren
Baptism of Eliene in Posse
Baptism day in Posse
Baptism of Eliene

Nov 28, 2016 | I miss yall

This transfer has been “back like cwazy, man!” (that’s a Sharp family joke) and I’ve had fun and learned a lot. More than I thought I would with the situation I’m in and all else. But it’s been really good. We haven’t had the results we want yet, but I have faith that they’ll come when the Lord decides we deserve it!

 Last week I was in a rush to write and I forgot to tell yall something really special that happened Saturday night. We were out visiting less active members with Irmão Roberto when I got a call from the assistents. Turns out it was Elder Martin (who’s still in Posse)! He told me that Irmã Eliene has been super faithful in her conversion and testimony. She does FHE every week and reads the Book of Mormon every night with her kids and a lot more. She’s super special! Then he said that her marital problems weren’t sorting out and in a leap of faith she decided she would break up with her husband/boyfriend (who works 7 hours by bus away, and only comes to visit once a month to drink with his friends and it has been an ugly battle for her and her sons) and be baptized. She said what was most important to her was the salvation of her family and if she had to do it alone she would. She has an incredibly strong testimony of the church and I know she is going to do amazing things.

Marcos is just an animal my friends. He received the Aaronic priesthood last Sunday and yesterday he passed the sacrament. I’m super happy for him and his progress. He was the most spiritually prepared pastor I have ever seen on my mission! He is an incredibly humble person and wants to learn as much as we can.

Edna and her family came to a weirdly screeching halt this week, due to certain things that my comp has a tendency of doing and we are fighting to keep them moving forward and progressing. We have been trying really hard to focus on the spiritual side of things rather than the social side, and things are starting to pick up a little bit! I’m praying a lot haha but they’ll be okay!

When I think about Duda (Maria Eduarda) now, I think of Rod when he sees his mom with Frank and how she lets him rule their lives. “HAVE FUN BEING MARRIED (or in Duda’s case, just living) TO SATAN!!!” comes to mind pretty often when I see her mom. Haha she has literally been playing the adversary’s role in her home, and she does it EXTREMELY well… it’s pretty sinister. Anyway it’s a long deep and sad story that I won’t get in to that the Spirit told us a couple days ago there and it’s tricky business. But Duda will get baptized, that’s a for sure deal!

Baptism of Eliene in Posse


Nov 21, 2016 | Pictures

This week we finally were able to help Raquel and Rosita get baptized!!!

A few weeks ago, we found an amazing family. We were leaving an investigator’s house when we saw Evylin passing by the house and she waved to us, and then disappeared around the corner. We didn’t think much of it as we went to our next appointment, but when we left we both decided to find out where she lived. We turned the same corner and walked straight up to the second to last house on the street and knocked. Evylin answered! We met her mom Edna and we marked to go back the following night. That night we had one of the most intensely Spirit-filled lessons I have ever had on my mission as we talked about the Restoration. Edna told us how she had been praying earlier that week to find “…a more excellent way”, and she waited patiently until we knocked on their door. We helped her realize that “… it is by faith that it hath been fulfilled.” They have been to church every Sunday since and we’re super excited for their family! They have a baptismal date for next Sunday.

Duda is working hard too to get baptized on Sunday, we’re not slowing down this transfer! Joseph Smith said (it was in the Restoration movie so I don’t know if he actually said it, but the quote is still good) “Nothing but the best for the Lord”. That has been our theme for this transfer as we strive to be more obedient and do our Heavenly Father’s will. It’s been working out okay!

I love yall!

Peace be the journey

on the road
baptism of Raquel and Rosita
baptism of Raquel and Rosita
translates to: “I’ll be back soon, prepare”
coloring by ?
more coloring pages
life motto
Samambaia sky

Nov 14, 2016 | Unlike Bon Jovi, I live on more than just one prayer. They are many.

Fam, the week was weekly. A lot of rain and trials, but the Lord provides.

I literally have no time right now, but here’s the deal: We found a family this week that is absolutely amazing and we’re working with them to get baptized here in a couple of weeks. We spoke in sacrament meeting, and it went really well! The members responded really well.

I seriously have no time, but I got my flight plans today! I’ll see yall December 10th.

Nov 7, 2016 | It ain’t over til its over


Well like last week I don’t have a whole lot to update on… this was probably the longest and slowest week of my whole mission so far. We’re busy and we’re working, I love this work. We’re starting everything from scratch this week so next week I’ll have more to update on.

I love yall more than yall know! See yall in a few weeks!

Peace be the journey

Aaron and his super good friend Elder Rodrigues from Sao Paulo

Oct 31, 2016 | A picture is worth a thousand pizzas


This week was pretty slow, as Elder Gonzalez went home last Tuesday. So we’re in a trio until tomorrow morning at transfer meeting. And I’m going to end my mission here in Samambaia with Elder Cardona, we both stayed! So we have a lot to do these next couple of weeks.

When I say the week was slow, I really mean it this time because I don’t remember anything. But the highlight of our transfer was this last weekend when Marcos got baptized! Marcos has been on fire. We’re already working with him to get prepared to enter the temple and take out his endowments next year, he has a lot of questions about the temple. He left us happy about the end of the transfer, because of the rest of it was full of trials. We’ll be busy this week putting a new teaching pool together and we’re stoked to work even harder!

Pictures this week, I love you all!

Peace be the journey.

In Santa Maria so Elder Gonzalez (behind Aaron) could say goodbye
Streetlight in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD
Even in Brasil
Aaron & Elder Cardona with Marcos
with Marcos
with Marcos
It rains a lot
Elders Adams, Cardona and ??
fuzzy mop photo

Oct 24, 2016 | Will I waaiittt for youuu

This week was crazy! The elders from Paracatu came in Monday night to sleep closer to Asa Sul since they had interviews with President on Tuesday morning. So the week already started kind of skiwompus.

The week was honestly pretty normal; things are getting better and we’re working harder. We’re still lifting and I’m still skinny. Isabel and Germano are slacking off lately, they’ve become a lot more defensive about their religion and beliefs and everything when we visit them, but they’re still the same incredible people. We love them anyway. Marcos is still rocking steady, we had to delay his baptism a week because of stake conference yesterday so we can do something really special for him, Raquel and Rosita. YES they’re back!!! We were able to talk to their family this week as well. We’re getting after their parents to get married, they’ve been pretty lazy about it as of yet but they know it’s the right thing to do.

So here’s the big story for the week. When I was in Valparaíso almost a year ago, my companion and I baptized a girl named Jhenyfer. She was awesome, but we still had our doubts every now and then about whether or not she would stay super active. Then this week we got a phone call from the assistents (I forgot how to spell that in English). And they said that in Valparaíso there were two people (Jhenyfer’s two youngest sisters Joyce and Laura) that wanted to get baptized, but they wouldn’t get baptized if Elder Adams and Elder Cardona didn’t come to baptize them.

First tender mercy, the Lord calls us where we are needed and with the person with whom we will do the most good.

So Saturday night my comp and I got permission to go back to our favorite area in the mission, and we were able to go to sacrament and see almost every single one of our recent converts active and with callings. It was incredible to see all of them there so happy.

Second tender mercy, the Lord takes care of His children.

Their stepdad Mauro wasn’t super into the idea about Laura getting baptized (she’s 9) and didn’t want to let her do it until she turns 12. So we had already left Samambaia fasting for the Lord to touch Mauro’s heart to let his daughter get baptized. Joyce was all set and she got baptized, but Mauro still didn’t let Laura. But we felt the Spirit touch him as testimonies were born and as we shared a message about baptism and the Holy Ghost, it was a special experience.

Third tender mercy, fasting has a power beyond our comprehension.

And then there was Jhenyfer! She bore her testimony of the church and of missionary work and she came to receive her testimony and I cried like a baby. It was an awesome experience going back and seeing everyone and their continued desire to follow Christ. That is one of the greatest joys as a missionary!

I think that’s it for now, I love yall!

Peace be the journey

back in Valparaiso
back in Valparaiso
Aaron, Joyce, Elder Cardona


Valparaiso folks
Valparaiso friends
sunset or sunrise?
“funeral” for Elder Nordfelt who completed his mission
cute little Brasilian dog
Elder Cardona, ? Aaron