Oct 10, 2016 | Dearest children, Aaron is near you


I was going to start off saying, “It was another good week this week!”… But I always say that, so… I don’t know it was good. My creativity levels are stupid low right now, I’m hungry.

We were (unfortunately) not able to baptize Raquel and Rosita, there is a crazy weird family/ward situation going on since I got here and it’s just now getting resolved, so now it’s FOR SURE this weekend. But we’re excited! We have a new ward mission leader that moved in about 2 weeks ago and the brotha has got some fire in the bones and we’re gonna turn this ward into the best unit in the whole mission, that’s the plan for the rest of my time here. We have all the plans set and we meet with him tomorrow so we can kickstart everything! We’re turning things on its head.

Heloa (recent convert) brought a friend to church yesterday who has been reading the Book of Mormon and has already expressed his desire to be baptized! His name is Marcos, he came to church and I thought he was a member haha, we’re visiting him tonight.

So Isabel and Germano, update on the two of them really quick. They went to conference and loved it, and we were able to go and follow up and see what they were feeling. Isabel said that it all felt so true and right and good, but it wasn’t enough to make her change her religion. Which is awesome because that means she has already thought and is still thinking about how she felt that Sunday. It was a special moment with them and I was able to see some incredible things that the Lord revealed to me of their future as we talked. I know that they will come to know and receive the blessings of the restored gospel.

We continue to improve daily, the Lord provides us with miracles daily, no matter their size or spiritual impact, He always does if we do our part.

I love yall!

Peace be the journey


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