Oct 17, 2016

Just photos this time; no mass email this week.

At the church?
At the church
A place to sit outdoors
Getting comfortable
Fried corn

Oct 10, 2016 | Dearest children, Aaron is near you


I was going to start off saying, “It was another good week this week!”… But I always say that, so… I don’t know it was good. My creativity levels are stupid low right now, I’m hungry.

We were (unfortunately) not able to baptize Raquel and Rosita, there is a crazy weird family/ward situation going on since I got here and it’s just now getting resolved, so now it’s FOR SURE this weekend. But we’re excited! We have a new ward mission leader that moved in about 2 weeks ago and the brotha has got some fire in the bones and we’re gonna turn this ward into the best unit in the whole mission, that’s the plan for the rest of my time here. We have all the plans set and we meet with him tomorrow so we can kickstart everything! We’re turning things on its head.

Heloa (recent convert) brought a friend to church yesterday who has been reading the Book of Mormon and has already expressed his desire to be baptized! His name is Marcos, he came to church and I thought he was a member haha, we’re visiting him tonight.

So Isabel and Germano, update on the two of them really quick. They went to conference and loved it, and we were able to go and follow up and see what they were feeling. Isabel said that it all felt so true and right and good, but it wasn’t enough to make her change her religion. Which is awesome because that means she has already thought and is still thinking about how she felt that Sunday. It was a special moment with them and I was able to see some incredible things that the Lord revealed to me of their future as we talked. I know that they will come to know and receive the blessings of the restored gospel.

We continue to improve daily, the Lord provides us with miracles daily, no matter their size or spiritual impact, He always does if we do our part.

I love yall!

Peace be the journey

Oct 3, 2016 | To my friend the chocolate cake

That’s a band name.

Hey fam! So it’s been a minute since I’ve been able to really sit down and tell you all about my feelings and really vent, so I’m not gonna do that. I’ll just talk about my new area and everything that’s been going on since I left Posse!

I have made (once again) a triumphant return to the Taguatinga stake (for the third time)! Haha I’m in Samambaia 1 now, and as much as I grew to like Posse, it’s nice to have a real chapel again. My companion is Elder Cardona from Santa Maria, RS; he’s a good kid! He has lost his way a little bit recently, so we’re working to get everyone back on the right track. So now we’re working harder and things are starting to go smoother and a little happier. I had the chance to spend a lot of time with President and Sister last week and they have been helping me a ton on the importance of family (growth, strengthening our relationships and testimonies, keeping covenants, etc.)  and leading by example. Good stuff, we have been able to apply it all in our work. So we’re working to understand the importance of separating a social visit and a spiritual visit- the social visits give us the members’ friendship, but a spiritual visit gives us the members’ trust, which is much more important in the work that we’re doing. We’re managing our time a little better, we’re teaching and feeling the spirit, we’re lifting, we’re having fun! Which is good, doing the right thing is the best way to be happy.

“Although I may not be my brother’s keeper, I am my brother’s brother; and ‘because I have been given much I too must give.'” -Elder Holland

I started teaching English classes, which is something I have never done and/or wanted to do… But it has been a ton of fun! We were able to meet an older lady named Isabel and her husband Germano. They’re very catholic, but very open to hear what we have to say as well! They went to Conference with us yesterday and loved it! They’re just happy people that want to do what God asks, we’re grateful to be working with them. Both of their kids live in the US and have already met with missionaries (it’s been a few years but it counts) and they had a Book of Mormon already! Well they thought they did… we’ll give them a new one.

We have two baptisms this weekend as well! Raquel and Rosita have been going to church for a super long time and were never baptized because they needed the invite, so now they have one. And they’re getting dunkitated! We’re working with their parents Fabiano and Sandra to get married, they’re a nice family.

CONFERENCE was awesome!!! I don’t have my notes with me, and even if I did I would have to translate them. I learned a lot this weekend, and I hope and pray that yall had the opportunity to receive some personal revelation to better your lives. Something that really stuck out to me was in Elder Bassett’s talk during the Saturday afternoon session. During these last 3 or 4 months I have become super stressed over things that are usually out of my control. Elder Bassett (from what I understood) talked about just that. He said (in a copy and pasted short summary):

[Our] actions can lead us to seek after things that are not necessarily meant to be understood at this time, all the while ignoring the beautiful truths that are meant for us and our circumstances—the truths Nephi described as written for our learning and profit. …Nephi’s example of seeking knowledge included (1) a sincere desire, (2) humility, (3) prayer, (4) trust in the prophet, and an exercise of (5) faith, (6) diligence, and (7) obedience. …Faith and trust in the Lord require us to acknowledge that His wisdom is superior to our own. We must also acknowledge that His plan provides the greatest potential for spiritual development and learning.We were never expected “to have a perfect [understanding] of things” during this mortal existence. Instead, we are expected to “hope for things which are not seen, which are true” [Alma 32:21]. …As we acknowledge that we are the workmanship of a wise and devoted Father in Heaven, “O then,” why not allow Him to guide our spiritual development and learning “according to his will and pleasure” rather than our own? [Jacob 4:9].

In short, I really needed that.

I love you all! Peace be the journey

Sept 27, 2016

So Monday was tricky and we weren’t able to get in to use a computer! Yesterday I went to have lunch with President and a bunch of other missionaries that won (last transfer) a competition. It was really GH (glória dos homens/glory of men), but it was fun! The companionship that baptized the most in every zone and had the best numbers went to the lunch, but Elder Dayton wasn’t able to make it because they live really far… It was a ton of fun and I learned quite a bit from Sister- she talked to me for a long time about marriage and family… There should be pics on the mission facebook page!

I am now in Samambaia, and once again, in the Taguatinga stake. 3rd time hahaha the Lord has a work for me to do here.

My theme for this transfer is this: “Obey like Nephi, serve like Ammon, love like Christ.” I’m still learning and I’m grateful to the Lord for that. I’m dying as just a missionary, and that is the best way to go out: with your head down and hitting it hard.

Transfer day 9/20/16
Transfer day 9/20/16
Transfer day 9/20/16
Transfer day 9/20/16
special lunch with President Lundgren
special lunch with Pres Lundgren
President Lundgren
special lunch
special lunch
special lunch brownies
special lunch cookies

Sept 19, 2016 | I have to catch a bus in 2.5 hours and I haven’t packed yet.

Hey fam!

Transfers are this week and I’m leaving Posse, so here in a little bit I’ll be leaving the middle of nowhere to civilization. So this will be rushed again with pictures, and next week HOPEFULLY I have some time to write a letter or send a real email since I’ve been owing you guys one of those for a long time now. Almost two years haha but know that I love all of you!

This week we were able to end the transfer with 4 baptisms! The rest of the families are all soon to come, Dayton will send me pictures as their time comes. We’re waiting for Eliene and Rodrigo AND Leonel and Vanete to get married… haha they’re two incredible couples, especially Eliene… She is a special lady. I’ll update more on their story when I have more time!

I’m happy and I love this work!

Peace be the journey

an american flag and one american elder
Adams and Dayton w/Hauedy, Hullian, Gustavo
Hauedy, Hullian & Gustavo with mom Eliene
Hauedy, Hullian & Gustavo w/Eliene and Rodrigo
Leonel and Elder Adams
Leonel baptism day
more Leonel

Sept 12, 2016

I always get here with really awesome things to tell you guys and then when I sit down, Will Smith swoops in and wipes my memory with his sick alien pen from MIB and I forget everything. At least that’s what it feels like.

Alright, so to start off updating all yall from about two or three weeks ago, I’m still alive and healthy. We got robbed last week when we down to Brasília for mission conference so now I don’t have my USB or memory card with all my talks, we don’t have a phone anymore and the dude swiped our phone while we were sleeping. Sem vergonha. But we’re both okay and the mission conference was awesome! Here’s a little bit of what I got from it:

  • We must look at our own lives and fix what is already under our control before we start to look out and point out the falts of what we can’t control yet. As we are an example of the believers in word, in thought and in doing the rest will surely follow. In due time, but it’s the Lord’s time and we can’t complain about that.
  • We are here to establish the kingdom of God on the earth, not just to work and baptize and teach. Work and establish are two different things. When we establish we build what is necessary to be built and we leave it better than we found it.
  • How would my future family relationships benefit from my missionary conduct right now?
  • We should teach, pray, testify, love and serve as if for the very first time.
  • Teaching the children of God about His eternal gospel plan is the single most important thing we can do with our lives; whether it be as a missionary, a Sunday school teacher, a neighbor, a friend. In 1 Corinthians 12:29 it lists three things: first, apostles. Second, prophets. Third, teachers. We have to do everything in our power to make sure that when we have an opportunity to teach that we take advantage of it and turn it into a truly spiritual experience, and we can learn to do that in chapter 10 of Preach my Gospel. And then if our hearts are right, if we have prayed and studied and cried and worried and prepared until we do not know what else to do, the Lord can say to us what He said to the sons of Mosiah to go up unto the Lamanites and He will give us success!

We gave Elizabeth the Book of Mormon less than 3 weeks ago and she finished it yesterday… And has a testimony. And she’s the greatest, she’s just stark crazy. I think she might have Alzheimer’s… But she remembers everything from the Book of Mormon, it’s an interesting deal! She is super prepared and we’re helping her out this week to stay strong so she can be baptized on Sunday!

Carol and Luisa have fallen off the map, it’s sad. But it happens! It’s still not their time. But they’ll get baptized for sure.

We met a lady named Eliene knocking doors and she has three sons, two are old enough to be baptized. We have been working closely with them, as they have an incredible potential to do incredible things as members. Eliene isn’t married, but her “husband” lives in Brasília and visits one weekend per month. She tells us she thinks about separating and it’s a really odd deal with them. But she is a wonderful person and she’s super sincere with us, which is a blessing. We’re working with her sons to get baptized this weekend as well!

Tailane came out of nowhere, she’s a little buddy of some recent converts and has gone to church 3 weeks in a row. It’s impossible to find everyone at home but we’re doing everything in our power to help her prepare for baptism this weekend as well! We have high hopes for the end of this transfer!

I might get transferred here in a couple days I think! (hope… pray…) haha but I am super grateful to be here in Posse and to be learning the things that I am learning everyday. The Lord has shown His hand to me in this area and my testimony is stronger for it. I have learned to truly learned to pray and love and serve others and my God. I can never deny these things!

unidentified plant item
is it a sunrise or sunset??
hiking selfie
hiking again
more hiking
Aaron and ?
hiking view
hiking with Roberto
Brasilia mission conference
Posse Rangers reunited at Brasilia mission conference
Elders Batista, Adams, Dayton at Brasillia mission conference

Aug 29, 2016 | We want you for the new recruit

The week was real noice fam, real noice.

We have continued to take fat strides as a companionship, and my companion floored it this week and has been progressing immensely! He’s a great kid and I have been fighting for the last 5 transfers to help him- yes, 5 transfers. 3 in the same house and 2 as comps haha it’s been a trip with the brotha. But as I said, his progress has been incredible as of late and I’m really proud of him.

Carol and Luisa have been hard to get a hold of, and they can only go to church if their parents go and everything and it’s confusion and stress. They’re great, and Carol has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It’s tricky business but we do what we can and we fast and pray a lot! As for Iaciara, Elder Martin and I are doing splits to go out there with some members of the quorum to hit it hard and try and open up a group there! We’re going on Thursday, so I’ll send an update on it next week for sure this time!

We found this older lady named Elizabeth (normal English name I know, it was nice to see that) and she is just a sweet lil child of God and wants to do the right thing! She took a taxi to church yesterday and was the first one there and the last one to leave she LOVED it. She promised that til the day she dies she’d be there every Sunday so we’re super excited with our newest addition to our cute grandma club. She’s been reading the Book of Mormon more frequently now.

I know my emails aren’t always super detailed or anything, but know that I’m doing okay! Things are better, I’m happy. I’ve been listening to a lot of talks lately (lately meaning since I got to Brasil) and they give me a lot of comfort. To top it off, I testify of how vital our daily scripture study is and can be in our daily lives. And as we read and ponder and pray and find the truth, the obedient application of that truth is the surest way to make it eternally yours!

I love you all and pray for yall always!

Peace be the journey

Doug (the dog from UP)
Elder Dayton
Dwan’s baptism day